Praise the LORD! Welcome to New Things Church!

We preach "New Things" as it is written in Isaiah 42:9. 

At this present time, religion is depraved, politics and economy are corrupt, and people are becoming heartless; it signifies the end of the world is drawing near. 

The God of the truth, who establishes the laws in each era, has set △'the Law of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,' 'the Law of no-mixed blood,' 'the Law of the Ark,' for Era of Conscience, △'the Law of Circumcision' for Era of Covenant, △'the Law and the Commandment' for Era of the Law of Moses, and △'the Law of the Cross' for Era of Favor; through these Laws in each era God has worked for the salvation of His people. 

Now, the second coming of Jesus is near, and God establishes the Law of Prophecy as in Revelation 1:3 which God wants His people to read, hear, and heed. 

Shalom, Maranatha!